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A pathway for opportunities against all odds

David's Challenge Incorporated (DCI)

DCI is an organization created for the expressed purpose of addressing the various social, educational, and economic needs of children, youth, and young adults in Cuyahoga County.

DCI was formed to serve as a bridge between adolescence and adulthood. Our mission is to provide children, youth, and young adults with transitional programs and services designed to direct them toward self-sufficiency and independence.

DCI has well-established protocols for project management, financial responsibility, the conduct and documentation of direct services, client risk precautions, safety, client rights, and the protection of health information. DCI operates in accordance with the Administrative Rules of the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH). Control of all projects is by a set of written policies and procedures that governs all aspects of the organization.

DCI Services

DCI programming offers a caring and supportive environment; to produce in our youth an awareness of the need for them as young people with the potential to move ahead and become their best selves, to go places and to make an impression and impact; to bring our youth through a process in which they develop independence, self-love, confidence, intuition, and objectivity by using critical thinking, time-management, cooperative leadership, and public speaking skills; to equip young people with historical and cultural enrichment as a context for examining social responsibility and providing principled leadership to their community and the society at large. We believe self-development is an ongoing process in which individuals are engaged and invested. Throughout this process, people seek ways to meet their basic physical and social needs and to build competencies and connections they perceive as necessary for survival and success.

We have a lot to offer

College Library
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The College Preparation Program

A partnership program with Cuyahoga Community College offers Adult Basic Education, Literacy, and G.E.D; assistance with college applications, financial aid, and scholarship

Leadership Program

A contract with the Cuyahoga County Department of Justice Affairs provides mentors to youth offenders returning to the community from a period of incarceration; professional adults are recruited and trained to be mentors for a minimum of nine (9) months.

The Alpha Girls Support Group

Provides individual, and group counseling and support to girls ages 9 &ndash 16 who have been sexually abused.

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